Dennis Kucinich Signs Deal With Fox News


Fox News has signed the liberal former congressman Dennis Kucinich on as a contributor.

If you don’t regularly watch FNC and read BuzzFeed you’d think Kucinich is only the third liberal ever to appear on the cable network. Besides the other two liberals they name (Evan Bayh and Bob Beckel) I can think of a few off the top of my head. Let’s see, there’s Juan Williams. There’s Sally Kohn who always has a sneering smirk on her face. I just saw Alan Colmes appear today. Geraldo Rivera is liberal. Kirsten Powers is liberal, although she also seems to be sane most of the time. Shepard Smith is liberal, but he tries to hide it on occasion. Every time I turn it on there’s a liberal on there. Now there will be one more.

Fox News just happens to be the only major television news outlet that challenges liberals.