Dems Still Blaming Republicans For Dismal Economy


Today there was more bad economic news. The economy not only failed to grow in the last quarter, it actually contracted. It was all unexpected, of course. All bad news is unexpected in the Obama economy. The first reaction of the Democrats was to celebrate this news, they called it “the best looking US GDP contraction you’ll ever see.” That went over like a lead balloon. So they had to regroup and immediately start blaming Republicans, who only control one house of congress and have recently been folding to the whims of the Democrats like cheap suits. But, hey, why not? I’m sure the media will oblige.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012:

“Democrats and Republicans have an opportunity and an obligation to work together to find common ground, avert deep, across-the-board cuts that will undermine our economic growth, and recommit ourselves to reaching a long-term agreement to create jobs and responsibly reduce the deficit.

“Today’s disappointing GDP report is a direct result of the economic uncertainty created by House Republicans’ strategy of obstruction and manufactured crises.  The looming sequester contracted growth throughout our economy and at the same time, created uncertainty over the fiscal cliff and House Republicans’ refusal to negotiate a comprehensive fiscal agreement likely also pushed our economy into negative territory.

“There is no reason to see anything but positive numbers in the future – as long as we reach across the aisle and find a balanced solution to bring down our deficit, grow the economy, and strengthen the middle class.”

Well, what do you know? Another Democrat projecting again. They are the party of manufactured crisis, they thrive on it. It’s how they gin up fear, resentment and division. Without it they would be a minority party forever. Pelosi’s official statement just goes to show just how diabolical this party and it’s leaders really are.

Oh, and she wasn’t the only one blaming the GOP. So was the White House. This is what progressives do – they ruin everything and then lay the blame every place but where it belongs.

Hmmm. They’ve had to shed the “liberal” label. Now they are ruining the “progressive” label, which they had already wrecked before they became liberals, and then picked back up because everybody is so ignorant of history. What will they call themselves next, while projecting their evil intentions onto their enemies? Whatever it is, I’m sure the media will portray it as the best thing since sliced bread. (Which probably would never have been invented if these uber-statists were around way back when.)