Crazies Need Not Apply


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Like a stopped clock, the loon Alex Jones might get something right once or twice, but the man is a complete nut job. Conservatives should beware this man and his conspiracy theories.  The Obama administration is so horrible and dreadful that we really don’t need weird conspiracy theories to make our case. All we need to do is get the facts out there. But, we have the loony Alex Jones making us all look guilty by association.

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Your key phrase there is “mega banks that control the planet.” This is classic kook-talk, the kind of paranoid stuff like Zeitgeist that inspired Jared Loughner. Recall that Zeitgeist not only demonized bankers, but also suggested that 9/11 was a hoax.

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These are the ideas that circulate on the kook fringe, and Alex Jones first became notorious as a promoter of 9/11 Truther craziness.

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His appetite for kook-fringe conspiracy theories discredits Alex Jones, as does his implacable raging anger. The only reason Piers Morgan had Jones on CNN was in order to discredit the Second Amendment by saying, “See how dangerously crazy these gun nuts are?” (Read More)

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Beware the insane sheep in wolf’s clothing, my friends. This guy is not on our side. He’s not on any side, he’s just batshit crazy. And the  left wing media would be happy to bring us all down with him

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