Corporations Aren’t Finished Laying Off


American Express announced that it will reduce its global workforce by  about 6% and thousands will be laid off. Disney is looking at job cuts  in order to cut costs, “in an early sign that big companies may not be finished tightening their belts.” They certainly aren’t. Look at this list from January 9 posted at the site Daily Job Cuts:

The SF Weekly – Some Layoffs Likely

The Dow Corning Corp – 500

Morgan Stanley – Plans 1,600 Layoffs

Coda Automotive – More Layoffs?

Teva Pharmaceuticals – Small Layoffs Poss.

BHP Billiton Navajo Mine – Plans 100

Spain Banks – Discuss Layoffs w Union

Spruce Media – up to 20

Supervalu Inc. – 117

Plant Vogtle contractor – Some Layoffs

Springfield IL – Some Layoffs Possible

Also listed are the companies that are going belly up. This Obama economy is not pretty.