Colin Powell Makes No Sense – He Should Watch ‘Runaway Slave’


Last night Bill O’Reilly aired his interview with Gen.Colin Powell. Powell really made no sense whatsoever. The man has called himself a Republican for decades, yet he said he voted for President Obama twice because the Republican economic policies aren’t “suited for the times we are in.” Of course, he didn’t specify what specific policies he objected to, or defend Obama’s economic policies. He went on to say he was troubled by the right shift of the Republican party. When O’Reilly pointed out how horrible the economy has been the past four years for African Americans, Powell accused him of only seeing his race, forcing O’Reilly to quote him saying the GOP has disengaged from the black community. Then he went on the complain that the GOP hasn’t properly addressed the shifting demographic in the US and complaining about voter ID laws and efforts to combat voter fraud.

In the second video, they talked about the Republicans who offend Powell, like Sarah Palin and John Sununu. He objected to Sununu calling Obama lazy, even though it’s common knowledge that Obama doesn’t spend a lot of time working with Congress, or trying to negotiate on the issue.

You can watch the videos at Fox Nation. The interview probably annoyed me more than it normally would because I saw it after watching the documentary Runaway Slave last night. In the film, Reverend CL Bryant, a former radical Democrat who was no longer wanted as pastor at his church after embracing conservative principles, conducted a series of interviews shedding light on the Democrat Party’s history of racism. The party was on the wrong side of slavery, they were on the wrong side of civil rights, and now they’re actively working to enslave all of us to the federal government. It’s a must-see movie for anyone who cares about the truth.

Ever since Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty began the black family has been decimated. Rather than having fathers as providers, they now have government. Without fathers there are no male role models, and young black men are killing each other on the streets of our cities. But if you listen to guys like Colin Powell, who are too busy picking at old wounds and worrying about semantics, the only problem is that the GOP and conservatives aren’t properly reaching out to certain demographic groups. Could they do a better job at selling their ideas? Of course they could, but the media doesn’t help, the entertainment industry doesn’t help, and the education system doesn’t help. Those are all institutions run by the left. Why doesn’t Powell spend his time trying to change them, and promoting freedom and prosperity for all Americans?

Here’s the trailer for Runaway Slave. I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately, it didn’t reach enough people before the election in November, but the message in this movie is one that should be heard by as many people as possible, no matter their skin color.