CNYers – Let Me Know If You See A 2004 Ford Missing These Parts


Some time in the middle of the night or early this morning someone drove through our fence and onto our lawn. Whoever it was left these parts behind.  If only the license plate had come off, too.

The headlight casing is stamped with a December 2003 date, which most likely would make it a 2004 model. I did a Google search and it appears this is the grill from a 2004 Ford Escape. It would have had to have been a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get out of the snow at the edge of the road. If you live in my neck of the woods and have seen or heard of someone with these parts missing and front end damage please let me know. We have a thousand dollar deductible on our homeowners insurance, so I’d prefer to have the person who took the section of fence down pay for it.

Here’s some of the mess left behind, and some of the fence that was destroyed.