Businesses Brace Themselves For Tsunami Of Obama Regulations


Ironic, isn’t it, that this news came out on the same day it was reported that President Obama is abandoning his Jobs Council? Businesses are bracing themselves for a tsunami of regulations imposed on them by the Obama administration. If you’re a job seeker in this economy, best of luck to you.

President Obama has begun to wield the power of the executive to press forward with a second-term agenda that delights the left and terrifies the right.

When he said “we must act” in his inaugural address last week, liberals cheered him on and conservatives saw that the electoral earthquake of November is likely to be followed by a tsunami of executive orders and regulations.

Lawmakers, lobbyists and policy groups say they are expecting a deluge of new rules from agencies across the federal government.

“They’re going to try to do with regulation what they cannot do with legislation,” said Mike House of Hogan & Lovells, a law and lobbying firm whose clients include businesses and trade groups.

Advocacy groups and liberal lawmakers are drawing up wish lists of new regulations that would cover everything from air pollution to vehicle safety to labor protections. And that doesn’t include a torrent of forthcoming rules required by the healthcare law and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act.

Read the whole thing for more on the “onslaught” and “flurry” of regulations that will overwhelm America’s job creators. But hey, I guess people didn’t vote for jobs in the last election. If they had we would have a successful businessman and job creator in the White House now. Instead, we still have this poser progressive whose policies kill jobs while putting more Americans on the dole. We’re getting exactly what the sheeple voted for.

Jobs? We don’t need no stinking jobs!