Aw! Poor Tina Fey No Longer Wants To Be Associated With Her Palin Impersonation


Aw! This is so terribly sad. Poor Tina Fey no longer wants to be associated with her 2008 Sarah Palin impersonation, but people just won’t forget about it.

“Excuse me, aren’t you Governor Sarah Palin?” It’s so lame that Fey can barely manage a quarter of a fake smile. “Not for, like, three years now,” she says, looking as if she’d like to dive under the table.

The guy has his gag, though, and he’s going to run with it. “I so enjoy watching you on Fox,” he says.

“Thank you, have a nice day,” she replies. As he walks away, she murmurs, “Until the day I die. Until the day I die.”

That’s how long she’ll own this. It’s not like anyone will remember her for that show on NBC.

Via Big Hollywood and The Other McCain