2008 Obama Campaign Hit With Huge Fine From FEC


The 2008 Obama campaign was hit with a huge fine by the FEC over its shady fundraising practices and reporting. Lucky for him this comes after the 2012 election, not that the media would have made a big deal about it anyway.

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign has been fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for reporting violations related to a set of donations received during the final days of the campaign.

The fines are among the largest ever levied on a presidential campaign by the FEC and stem from a series of missing notices for nearly 1,200 contributions totaling nearly $1.9 million.

Campaigns are required to file reports within 48 hours on donations of $1,000 or more received during the final 20 days of the campaign. The fine was detailed in a conciliation agreement sent to Sean Cairncross, chief counsel for the Republican National Committee. (Read More)

Well, we all know that laws never mattered much to Obama, so why would he follow campaign law?