White House Mexican State Dinner Cost Almost $5000 Per Person


This is disgraceful. The White House spent nearly $5,000 per person at the Mexican state dinner in 2010, and his first two state dinners came to a whopping $1.45 million.

President Obama spent more than $1.45 million on his first two official state dinners, according to White House financial documents obtained by The Washington Examiner.

The White House Executive Residence sent two invoices to the State Department’s Office of Protocol, seeking reimbursement for the White House dinners honoring visiting Indian and Mexican heads of state.

Both invoices can be viewed following this news story.

The October 2009 Indian dinner cost $487,168.86 or $1,485 per person, according to the invoices. The May 2010 Mexican dinner price tag was $969,793.92 and was attended by 200 people at a cost of $4,770 each.

The Washington Examiner first reported on Oct. 25, 2012, that White House spending on state dinners has skyrocketed under Obama. (Read More)

He needs to raise taxes so he can throw more parties and take more extravagant vacations.

Oh, and his public inauguration in January is going to cost over $100 million! But they tell us they can’t cut spending.

Why isn’t he giving anything up while he’s asking others for sacrifice?

Via Fox Nation