Well, What Do You Know, The NRA Just Endorsed Bill Clinton’s School Protection Plan



The other day Senator Barbara Boxer proposed turning our schools into mini police states patrolled by the National Guard. There was no outrage by the progressives or the media that I found. I also don’t recall much media outrage when former President Bill Clinton not only proposed, but also implemented putting armed guards in our schools. The internet and blogs were in their infancy at the time, so it’s possible that most progressives weren’t even aware of the policy, a policy that President Obama cut funding for, by the way.

But when a similar proposal was made by the NRA outrage erupted immediately. My goodness, they’re suddenly concerned about what things cost! As if giving public workers rich benefit packages is more important than keeping our children safe. If only they had this much outrage over the budgets of our state and local governments.

Now, there are some who say that at Columbine there were armed guards, but lives were still lost. On the other hand, think of how many lives may have been saved.

Let’s get even more confusing. Clinton proposed more security for schools in the wake of the 1999 Columbine shooting. It turns out that Columbine High School did have an armed sheriff’s deputy on the scene the day of its tragic shooting spree. That deputy exchanged fire with one of the killers twice, drawing their attention away from killing unarmed teenagers. The deputy and his backup also helped organize the evacuation of students from the school. Though the deputy’s presence obviously did not stop the attack from happening, it likely did save many lives.

Let’s pile on even more confusion. The NRA today proposed protecting our children to a level similar to the way we protect our banks and many public buildings: With armed security. As we’ve established, this idea has been around for more than 12 years and was once proposed by a Democratic president. Many on the anti-gun left responded to today’s proposal not with a thoughtful rejoinder, but with calls to shoot Wayne LaPierre.

I’m not done yet. There is one more bit of confusing data to work with.

Go and read the whole thing. There’s one more little statistic you may be interested in. But then, we all know this is not about facts, it’s all about using a crisis to implement an agenda.

Oh, and don’t expect Bill Clinton to come out in support of his former plan. He’s all about preserving the Democrat Party, no matter how rotten it becomes. Seriously, have you seen him advocate for bringing spending levels back in line to when he was president? No? I didn’t think so.

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