Video: Union Goons Assault Steven Crowder – Updated


The union goons in Michigan are even more thuggish and violent than they were in Wisconsin. It must be the training they received from the anarchists. They tore down an AFP tent even while people were in the tent, and as Steven Crowder tried to stop them he was given the full thug treatment. Watch as one of the goons punches him multiple times, and then another thug grabs the back of his collar.

Here they are, in all their glory – Obama’s people.

Oh, and all of this violence was for nothing as Governor Snyder just signed the right-to-work legislation into law.

Can you imagine if conservatives beat up on dissenters at a tea party? You’d see the footage on TV day and night, non stop, depicting the violence of the tea party. The government would conduct an investigation and warn about the threat of right wing extremism. When the union goons – the base of the Democrat Party – do it you get crickets.

Update: At least Fox News has the video. The Daily Caller also posted it, as did Yahoo and the UPI covered it, but other than that I couldn’t find anything from the MSM.

(The UPI link also has photos of Crowder’s chipped tooth and cut forehead.)

Update: The goon who assaulted Crowder is an IBEW official named Tony Camargo. This is how they conduct business. The other assailant was also identified.

Update 2: What do you know? The White House declined to comment on the union violence today. Spokesman Jay Carney said everything was “civil.” Is the above an example of civility these days? Should we all behave this way?

Update 3: Linked by Big Pulpit – thanks!