Video: Michelle Malkin Slams NY Governor Cuomo’s Gun Confiscation Proposal


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has his sights set on higher office. Recently, to shore up his base, he has been very outspoken about climate change after Hurricane Sandy, and gun control after the Newtown, CT massacre. He even mentioned confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens as an option. Michelle Malkin addressed that on Sean Hannity’s show, as well as Senator Dianne Fienstein’s attack on the second amendment. As Malkin noted, this is not about making things better, it’s just a political exploitation of a tragedy. Another great point made is that our political leaders and Hollywood celebrities are protected by armed guards, but average Americans and our children are left at the mercy of criminals and lunatics.

Spot on analysis here, watch: (Oh, and there’s also a bonus clip of Sam Donaldson telling the Tea Party that “this is not your country anymore.” I guess we’re supposed to just go along with the fundamental transformation of our republic.)

Update: Jackie Wellfonder linked – thanks!