Union Goons Throw Massive Tantrum In Michigan


Boy, you’d think the right-to-work laws going through the Michigan legislature were banning unions judging by the reaction of the union thugs. Unions will still be able to exist and they’ll still have collective bargaining. They just won’t be able to force workers who don’t want to be in a union to pay dues. But the goons are out in full force, throwing a massive tantrum. They know they’re losing their power over the rest of us, and they can’t stand it.

Some school districts had to close down altogether because so many teachers called in sick to protest the new laws. So what if Detroit children don’t know how to read, these teachers have an agenda, darnit!

Democrat lawmakers are even getting in on the action, threatening violence and saying “There will be blood.” They may not be kidding. Some in the mob of bullies in the video below were wielding knives as they stormed an Americans for Prosperity tent and pulled it down while people were still inside.

The Detroit News described the scene.

Just after 1 p.m., the State Police reported only two arrests. The individuals were detained after they tried to push past troopers to get inside the George Romney Building across from the Capitol where the governor has an office, State Police Captain Harold Love told reporters.

He did not know what charges they were facing.

Protesters began chanting “Hell, no we won’t go!” as troopers escorting Gov. Rick Snyder threatened to arrest protesters who were occupying the entrance to the Romney building. The protesters then attempted to sit down and resist police from creating a pathway to the door — they were removed as troopers picked protesters off the ground.

Troopers came out of the building to get the wall of people to retreat but only got a few feet before protesters stood their ground and yelled, “push!”

Troopers also had to secure the scene outside of the Capitol Building on the front lawn where rowdy protesters caused a tent used by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity to collapse. No one was hurt, but Love said several people told police “they escaped just in the nick of time before being crushed by the tent.”

Nearby, an American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees tent was dispensing steaming hot dogs, chips and energy bars to the crowd of auto workers, nurses, teachers, millwrights and firefighters.

Another incident involved a trooper’s use of pepper spray when a female officer was grabbed into the crowd by a protester, according to the MSP. (Read More)

The protesters aren’t all from Michigan. The Communist Labor Party bused in a bunch of them from New York City, and an anarchist was brought in to train the protesters. They must know that these tactics aren’t going to win over any supporters, so they must think that they can win through intimidation and violence.