Tingles Could Use A Civics Lesson


Chris “Tingles” Matthews seems to have missed the fact that although Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, the Republicans retained control of the House. Obama won. So did the GOP. So that means there’s no mandate for Obama to do anything.

But in this clip Tingles said at least four times that Boehner – who won with more than 90% of the vote in his district – lost.

NewsBusters set Tingles straight:

Exactly what did Boehner lose?

In an uncontested race in Ohio’s Eighth District, Boehner received almost 99,9 percent of the votes cast. As Republicans kept control of the House, he will return as Speaker in the next Congress.

As such, irrespective of what Obama-supporting so-called journalists like Matthews have been saying since Election Day, Boehner lost absolutely nothing.

As the second-most powerful person in our political system, Boehner’s victory is virtually the same as President Obama’s.

You would think someone that worked for a former Speaker for six years would better understand this. (Read More)

Facts don’t matter to parrots like Tingles.