Three Dead After Gunman Opens Fire At ‘Gun Free’ Oregon Mall


Sadly, we could make the entire nation a gun free zone and the insane criminals would disobey the law as they always do and kill innocents. Tonight a madman opened fire at a mall in Oregon. At least three, including the shooter, are dead. I don’t have enough information to know if he owned the firearm legally, but according to The Other McCain the mall was a gun free zone, so he was clearly in violation of the law, but for some reason that didn’t stop him.

The sheriff’s department is apparently waiting to name the gunman and, without a name, it is impossible to know the motive except (speculatively) he was a homocidal psychotic. A local resident informs me via Twitter that the mall is officially a “gun-free zone,” with signs at every entrance declaring “Firearms Prohibited.”

Homicidal psychotics aren’t real big on obeying signs like that. (Read More)

Signs like that are more like invitations to homicidal lunatics than they are deterrents. But I’m sure we’ll hear even more progressives politicize this crime and call for scrapping the Second Amendment while the families of the victims grieve the loss of their loved ones just two weeks before Christmas.