The Progressive Unions’ War On Women


I linked to this article in an earlier post, but I think it bears repeating. A female police officer was grabbed by a union thug during the melee. Do you think these goons would have done something like that to a male officer?

Another incident involved a trooper’s use of pepper spray when a female officer was grabbed into the crowd by a protester, according to the MSP.

“Without getting into a melee, the trooper used a small amount of (pepper spray) to secure the scene,” Love said.

Why is that violence against a woman is buried in the middle of a local news article, and not at the top of every MSM story of the evening? Oh yeah, it doesn’t fit their narrative, so they overlook it, just like they overlook the violence against a conservative male journalist. Instead all we hear is that “tempers are flaring” over this very “divisive” issue.

(I tried searching for an image of the female officer being dragged by the union thugs, but came up empty. Gee, do you think if that happened at a tea party that we wouldn’t see thousands of images of it.)