The Obama NLRB’s Christmas Gift To The Unions


The Washington Times noted President Obama’s speech denouncing Michigan’s new right to work legislation is a sign that he will be even more union friendly in his second term. Well, he didn’t wait until his second term to unleash the NRLB on the workers after the election. The unions were given some nice big Christmas presents from the board members who were appointed illegally.

The Wall Street Journal covered it the other day.

Christmas came early for Big Labor last week when the National Labor Relations Board handed down a pair of decisions that overturned longstanding precedent and will deliver a windfall to union finances.

On Wednesday, the NLRB voted 3-to-1 to gut protections for workers who don’t want their money spent on politics. In states without right-to-work laws, employees of unionized companies are coerced into paying dues as a condition of employment. But under the Supreme Court’s 1988 Beck decision, workers are allowed to withhold the portion of their dues that unions spend on political activity.

Unions must also maintain independently verified audits of their finances and provide members with proof that their assertions about spending practices are accurate. But the NLRB now says those requirements no longer apply and so-called Beck objectors are no longer entitled to see proof that their money isn’t included in union spending on politics. Maybe the Securities and Exchange Commission should waive business audits too.

The board also carved out certain lobbying from the list of political activities from which workers may withhold dues. “Lobbying expenses are chargeable to [Beck] objectors,” the board wrote, “to the extent that they are germane to collective bargaining, contract administration, or grievance adjustment.” That vague definition could cover nearly any lobbying expense.

Last week, the same 3-1 panel also struck down 50 years of precedent in a case that will force companies to subsidize unions that go on strike against them. While workers march the picket line, businesses will be required to withhold their dues and pass them along to union leaders.

Read the whole thing. This should come as no surprise. The Democrats rely on unions for campaign financing and get out the vote efforts. They don’t care about the workers, as long as they keep paying their dues and funding that cash cow.