The Monsters Of The Internet


I’m not sure how the sociopathic monsters Stacy McCain writes of pertain to my sociopathic stalker, but since my stalker likes to impersonate Stacy I’m thinking there must be some connection. These people are evil and hateful. Yet they get away with it.

Here you have someone utterly dehumanizing not only the late Andrew Breitbart, but also anyone who ever associated with him.

This is how damaged people become monsters: They externalize their inner feelings of worthlessness as hatred of demonized scapegoats, whom they construct in their own minds as symbols of wrong, so that doing evil to the scapegoat is (in their twisted thinking) an act of righteousness. In the perverted mind of the obsessive sociopath, hatred of the scapegoat is thereby endowed with a heroic quality.

The peculiar “heroic hatred” directed at Andrew Breitbart by these monsters is not merely the product of politics, but rather an obverse reflection of their own damaged egos: Breitbart was famous and successful; they are obscure failures; his fame and success must therefore be re-imagined by them as unjust and symbolically evil.

What is striking — and, in a weird ironic way, a tribute to Breitbart’s greatness — is how this obsessive hatred has persisted even after Breitbart’s death, so that now Rauhauser, “Occupy Rebellion” and others (most of them involved with the “Weiner Truther” cult) have transferred their “heroic hatred” to Breitbart’s associates. (Read More)

These people delight in the pain and suffering of others. They are truly sick. Not only are they sick, but some of them are huge cowards who hide behind fake internet IP addresses. But they are blessed by the left who control this country, so I guess we just have to put up with these sociopathic cowards who want to shut up any opposition to their Dear Leader.

I just have to wonder, do you think maybe they’re getting paid for their nefarious activities? My stalker spent a great deal of time harassing and threatening me leading up to the last election. He (or she) slowed down a little bit since, but the harassment and impersonation hasn’t stopped. And neither has the Obama campaign, even though he is now term limited. What is his campaign spending their money on these days? They’ve all but neutralized the GOP, so, think about it. Where is all of that money going?

Update: ToM has more here. It’s a lot of inside baseball  but something caught my attention.

 Similarly, in Rauhauser’s worldview, Thomas Ryan deserves a “skull fracture,” while Patterico (who is himself an agent of law enforcement) can be falsely accused by Rauhauser of criminal wrongdoing — a “perp“!— and yet Rauhauser, having shown himself willing to lie to accomplish his purposes, expects his political allies to view him sympathetically as the victim of a “wingnut” conspiracy.

It only stood out because one time my stalker threatened to “skull f*ck” me, sometime around the time he (or she) emailed me a picture of my house. Did I mention that these people are monsters?

Update: Linked by Hogewash. Mr. Hoge noted he’s been lucky this year, but my stalker (I think) did threaten to SWAT him.