Telemarketing For Tax Hikes


The Obama campaign is still going strong and they are asking supporters to telemarket Obama’s tax hike proposals. I wonder how many of those supporters will be making calls from their Obamaphones.

Aiming to bring public pressure on Republicans to back higher taxes for the rich in the “fiscal cliff” fight, the Obama-Biden campaign today began urging supporters to join a local, online phone bank to help the president blast the GOP.

In an email, supporters are directed to a “Call Tool” where they are provided with somebody to call. Included is a telemarketing-style script to read.

A successful effort will then be tabulated on a “leaderboard” of callers. (Read More)

They’re also still fundraising, I guess so they can reach out to more potential telemarketers that way.

There’s nothing in the script about how the plan to raise taxes on the “rich” won’t even come close to closing the budget deficit.