So Many Progressive Turds, So Little Time


It was a busy day around here and I have about a dozen tabs open and no chance of getting to everything, so here you go – the news I missed today.

North Korea launched a long range rocket today. No word on whether it failed like the last one. That reminds me, isn’t that American-troop-bashing singer Psy from South Korea lucky so many American troops gave their lives so he didn’t have to live under the jack booted commies to his north? Not that his anti-American sentiments bothered the US commander in chief, or the media for that matter.

ABC News aired an interview with President Obama this evening and he predicted the Republicans will cave into his demands on the fiscal cliff deal. Why is it when negotiating with progressives like Obama, who draw hard lines in the sand, that they always accuse the other side of holding people hostage? Of course, he said he’ll look at reining in spending once he gets his way on tax hikes on the “rich.” Don’t hold your breath.  Harry Reid said today that there’s little chance there will be a deal before Christmas. Will Obama accuse Reid of holding the middle class hostage? Haha! I know, just kidding.

Speaking of the fiscal cliff, if no deal is reached because Obama is insisting on tax hikes instead of sensible reforms in the tax code, The Wall Street Journal has an infographic showing what it will mean to Americans of every income level. Rich people with bad accountants might pay more taxes, but low and middle income Americans will be hardest hit. Not that we all shouldn’t have some “skin in the game” as Obama likes to say. It’s just that his idea of “skin in the game” is that a minority pays for the majority of the spending, while the majority votes for take another piece of the majority’s skin.

Everything they’re talking about on the fiscal cliff is a joke anyway. Nobody is even talking about real spending cuts. What they do now is called “base line budgeting” which means every year the budget begins at the prior year’s level and they add to it. So the “cuts” they talk about are only cuts to projected increases in spending. There is no cutting spending. And what good are tax hikes on the rich going to do when the really rich folks are doing everything within their power to take their profits now and avoid tomorrow’s higher taxes? It’s all a political game manufactured by the community organizer in chief who never ran a thing in his life before being given the keys to the White House.

I’m not sure whose idea it was, but someone in the Obama administration decided that publishing statistics regarding state to state migration was a bad idea. I guess they didn’t like people seeing the hard evidence of progressive policy failure. The states people leave were dubbed “death spiral states” by Forbes for a reason. I live in one, and I’m stuck here at least for the foreseeable future.

Moving along to the title of this post, some progressive turd suggested that if we all just stop decorating for Christmas we could abolish homelessness. Follow the link if you want to find a link to the actual post. The link here goes to a fine rebuttal of that ridiculous notion. If the trillions we’ve spent to fight poverty since the war on poverty began decades ago wasn’t enough to wipe out homelessness, how can any thinking person believe that giving up our Christmas decorations will do the trick? Not to mention all of the people that would lose their jobs if everyone stopped Christmas shopping.

Here’s another story about a progressive turd. The ethically-challenged Maxine Waters was appointed to be the top Democrat on the House banking committee. I’m not kidding.

On the bright side, conservative bloggers weighed in on what we can do better to advance conservative ideals and candidates in the future. You can read about it at I’m 41 (via Marezilla). My answer was kind of pessimistic, I was in a bad mood at the time. But seeing the union violence in Michigan, and considering that the king of class warfare was just reelected despite the lousy economy, can you blame me? Not that I’m going anywhere, or giving up, we’ve just got our work cut out for us.

Oh, one more thing, the First Street Journal linked to and expanded on a few of my earlier posts regarding the unions and the public sector. Please be sure to check it out.

(Image via The Looking Spoon)