Should The People Pay For The Government They Voted For?


Marc Thiessen argues in his latest Washington Post piece that conservatives should let us go over the fiscal cliff, so the people will finally be forced to pay for the government they voted for.

Barring a last-minute breakthrough, taxes will go up for every American taxpayer on Jan. 1 — and that’s a development conservatives should welcome.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be better not to raise taxes on anyone, pursue pro-growth tax reform and cut the size of government instead. But that’s not what the American people voted to do last month. Americans cast their ballots for big government.

Now it’s time to pay for it.

Until now, the growth of government under President Obama has not hit the pocketbooks of most Americans. During Obama’s first term, federal spending grew to more than 24 percent of GDP — the highest it has been since 1946. Yet almost no one in the country (except smokers and those who frequent indoor tanning salons) saw their taxes rise. Quite the opposite: 160 million Americans saw their payroll taxes reduced from 6.2 to 4.2 percent.

How can we expect people to care about the growth of government if it doesn’t cost them anything?

Read the whole thing. I can’t say I disagree. People are clueless about how much this government they’ve given us is costing. If it hits them all in the wallet maybe they’ll wake up and see the light. Unfortunately, those of us who didn’t vote for this will also be forced to pay the price, but we will be paying for it one way or the other. May as well get it over with so there’s a chance to possibly preserve something for future generations, who had absolutely no say in what we’re doing to them.

Marcus Ebenhack made a similar argument in an American Thinker article.

Please explain why John Boehner, or any other responsible conservative will not step in front of a gaggle of reporters and say quite simply, “If you want the kind of government President Obama and his party want to deliver then be prepared to allow them to skim about half of your paycheck off the top. It doesn’t matter how much money you make! If you have a job, you will pay.”

Big government is not paid for by the rich. There simply are not enough of them. Ask any European. Their tax code is very non-progressive, as opposed to ours. Everybody pays. The lions share falls to the middle class and working poor, because that’s where the real money is. Not because we have so much, rather that there are so many of us. Many among us seem to think we want a big government entitlement state. But that’s only because we’ve never had to pay for it. How do you think a country amasses a 16 trillion dollar debt? (Read More)

Instead we’re hearing about some “small deal” that will just kick the can down the road, again. On that, Obama is going to “demand” an up or down vote in both houses of congress, because he thinks he’s a king or something.