Rush Limbaugh: Don’t Blame Costas, Blame His Microphone


I’m sure that by now you’ve all heard about Bob Costas’s rant on Sunday night about gun control in the wake of the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide. He sort of tried walking things back yesterday, saying he’s not against the Second Amendment, he’s only against semi-automatic weapons. Not that anything he said yesterday changes the statement he made during halftime of the Sunday night game.

Anyway, Rush Limbaugh had a little fun with it today, saying not to blame Costas, blame his microphone.

A microphone can inflict amazing damage, particularly emotional and psychological damage. Only highly trained specialists should be permitted to use them, and there should be a federal agency on this, Snerdley. (interruption) Well, yes, I know we’ve got the First Amendment. But, look, the Founders never intended for microphones. They didn’t even know about microphones. You think the Founders had heard of a microphone when they wrote the First Amendment?

They had no idea. You think they ever heard of PA systems? You think they ever heard of television and radio? They never intended any of this. So I think going forward we need to seriously look at this. I don’t want to be so cliched as to say “microphone control,” but it’s clear. It is undeniable. If Bob’s microphone hadn’t been on, there would not be a controversy today.

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