Rahm Emanuel Likens Obama To Lincoln, Slams Netanyahu


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According to Rahm Emanuel Prsident Obama is just like Abraham Lincoln because Obama was once a community organizer and then he bailed out General Motors. I’m not kidding.

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Speaking at Northwestern University on Friday, Emanuel said, “And I think the president’s experience as somebody who was a community organizer on the South Side, dealing with the steel workers who had lost their jobs and lost any possibility of having a job in their industry mid-life, how they were going to retrain, how they were going to get themselves back on their feet and how they were going to value themselves, was a guiding principle for him.”

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He continued, “And I think that’s essential because, in the Oval Office, at the end of the day, all you have are your values, your judgment, and your ability to see a clear road where everybody just sees fog.”

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Emanuel made his remarks specifically in reference to Obama’s decision to provide a financial bailout to General Motors in 2009, and how his experience as a community organizer helped him to make that decision. (Read More)

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Emanuel is also in the news for slamming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Netanyahu didn’t endorse either candidate, but I guess by not fawning over Obama he’s in the dog house. Emanuel said “This man Netanyahu bet on the wrong man – and lost.”

Actually, it’s the American people who bet on the wrong man – and lost. They’ll find out soon enough. (Read More)

What a thug.