Quick Hits – Closing The Tabs Edition


I have no idea why, but all day I’ve been having sporadic problems with the internet. It can’t possibly be the snow, seeing that I live in Central New York and we’re no strangers to the white stuff. Maybe I need to do a restart, but I have a bunch of tabs open. So here is what I want to get to, but I’ll be up all night if I try to do separate posts on everything.

If you’re concerned about social justice, maybe you should start focusing on economic justice. That means a free society and free markets. We don’t have that now.  (Via Mark DeForrest on Google Plus)

One reason we don’t have free markets is that most Americans educated in our public schools have no idea what a free market would look like. See Legal Insurrection and The Other McCain for more on this topic. The progressives have been writing the history and economics books for decades. What do you expect?

Also at The Other McCain is a piece noting how the left went crazy after Pope Benedict weighed in on society, family and humanity. See the items above to find out why so many people cannot stand to hear simple truths about life.

Speaking of simple truths and people educated in America, Matt Damon said something that made sense, but he still got it wrong.

Okay, those are the tabs I’ve had open. Now I can do a restart and hopefully get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. Or maybe I’ll go to sleep and try again tomorrow. The kids are home this week, and we’ve been spending some quality time together. So maybe the light posting will continue for a few more days. Or maybe getting this connection problem taken care of will help bring some balance. We’ll see.