PA Lawmaker Proposes Changing How Electoral Votes Are Awarded


What do you think of this idea? A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to change how Electoral College votes are awarded in the state to a proportional, rather than winner-take-all system.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker’s plan to divvy up electoral votes based on a presidential candidate’s public support may be just the first of many state legislative moves to alter the way the nation chooses a leader.

State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, a Republican from Chester, wants to replace the winner-take-all system, which gave President Barack Obama Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, with one that divides them to reflect the proportion of public support for each candidate. His method would have given 12 votes to Obama and eight to Republican Mitt Romney this year.

“Anyone who voted for Governor Romney, and many Pennsylvanians did, does not have any reflection of that vote in the electoral college vote,” Pileggi said. “This is a proposal that is not party specific or partisan in any way, but just an attempt to have the popular vote reflected in the electoral college vote.” (Read More)

The article goes on to note that if this sort of system was in place in every state in the last election President Obama still would have won, but it would have been much closer with Obama getting 281 electoral votes and Romney winning 256. As it is, Obama won 332 to 206, which sounds like a landslide until you look at the electoral map.