Oops! I Washed My Son’s iPod! – Updated


Uh oh! This morning I threw in a load of laundry and when I put it all in the dryer there in the bottom of the washing machine was my son’s iPod. He must have left it in his pocket. I feel terrible, even though I always tell him to put his iPod on the charger at the end of the day.

I did some searching and the most common piece of advice is not to turn it on and leave it in a bowl of dry rice for a few days to dry out. So I have it sitting in a container of rice in front of a little space heater. Wish me luck!

Update: Well, my son handled the news much better than I expected. It could be because I used to have an iPhone 3, and after the iPhone 5 came out I upgraded to the iPhone 4 when the price went way down. So I gave him the old iPhone which works just like an iPod. In the mean time, the iPod is still in a container of rice and we’ll give it a few days and see what happens.