Obama’s New Plan Same As His Old Plan


The Washington Post is reporting that President Obama offered a new fiscal cliff plan before jetting off to Hawaii for Christmas.

President Obama said in a Friday evening appearance that he is calling on Congress to extend tax cuts for people earning under $250,000 and unemployment benefits before the end of the year, and has asked congressional leaders to come up with a plan to be voted on next week.

“Nobody gets 100 percent of what they want,” Obama said, acknowledging that it is no longer possible to achieve a big deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” and restrain the debt in the next 10 days. “This is not simply a contest of parties between who looks good and who doesn’t.”

How is that any different than his old plan?

He also told lawmakers to calm down and have some eggnog.

Obama said he hoped that the coming holiday break would give all parties in the fiscal cliff debate some “perspective,” telling members of Congress to “cool off, drink some egg nog, sing some carols” and eat Christmas cookies.

Obama and his family will leave for Hawaii at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

“Now’s not the time for more self-inflicted wounds. Certainly not those coming from Washington,” Obama said. “Think about the hardship that so many Americans will endure if Congress does nothing at all.” (Read More)

Oh, America is going to have four more years of self-inflicted wounds. Well, at least for those who voted for him. The rest of us are innocent bystanders.

(Speaking of self-inflicted wounds, I mistakenly reported that Michelle Obama and the girls went to Hawaii early, but I was wrong. My apologies.)