Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of Our Schools


All eyes are on the fiscal cliff fight, but there are plenty of other things deserving of our attention. A big one is President Obama’s fundamental transformation of our schools, with no input from Congress.

President Obama’s bid to control what your children learn in school is surely one of the most important and disturbing of his many transformative plans. Not only is Obama’s attempt to devise what is in effect a national K-12 school curriculum arguably unconstitutional and illegal, the fact that most Americans have no idea that the new “Common Core” (aka Obamacore) even exists may be the most troubling thing about it.

Today’s Washington Post features an article on the controversy being kicked up by the new English curriculum that 46 states and the District of Columbia are just now waking up to. Not coincidentally, this new education war is hitting less than a month after Obama’s re-election, just in time to prevent the public from taking the most effective step it could have to block the changes. You have to get nearly to the end of today’s Postarticle even to get a hint of the fact that Obama is the real force behind the new curriculum. Following that link takes you to an article that more frankly lays out Obama’s role in commandeering the substance of what’s taught in the nation’s schools. The print version of this September 21, 2012 article featured a more revealing headline than the web version: “Education overhaul largely bypasses Congress.”

To say the least, the legality of Obama’s curriculum power-grab is dubious, as George Will explains.

Please read the whole thing, there’s much more.

This common core is already creating problems. At curriculum night for one of my sons the teacher did not have anything good to say about it. In addition to changing what sorts of literature the kids are reading, they’ve also switched up what the kids are learning at different grade levels. So they’re being taught things they’ve learned in prior years, while at the same time are required to already know things that they weren’t previously taught.

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