Obama: Right-Wing Video to Blame for Union Violence UPDATE #2


Andy H,  Made-up Newscorp, Washington DC:

In a short unannounced press conference Wednesday morning with the White House press pool, President Obama gave a statement on the alleged violence that occurred outside the right-wing controlled state house in  Lansing Michigan on Tuesday.

“Intelligence officials working with DHS and the Lansing Michigan police department have confirmed that the violent acts that occurred were due to a disgusting right-wing video posted on YouTube. I strongly condemn the hateful message in the video and we are looking into who may be responsible. We have some early reports that the video was posted by someone connected to the Koch brothers, but as of now we are not sure if they are directly involved.” the President said.

The President did not take questions.


In the hall outside the press pool office a young female reporter asked followup questions regarding the alleged violence in Lansing Michigan on Tuesday. After telling the President how much she loved him and having him sign her blouse, she asked President Obama what he thought about the reports that Lansing police had used pepper spray on some of the peaceful protesters. The President was overheard to say that he was “concerned” about it and that “the police were acting stupidly.”


Made-up Newscorp has learned from sources on the ground in Lansing that a right-wing video was not to blame for the violence. A  post was made Tuesday night on the Facebook page of a terrorist sect called the IBEW Michigan that took responsibility for the attack. IBEW cells are known to be active in many parts of the United States.

A spokesperson at the White House was asked why the President initially blamed a video and said that the talking points were given to the President by the “intelligence community” and that “an investigation was underway” to determine what exactly happened.

Further updates when available.