Obama Heads To Michigan To Campaign For Higher Taxes


Here we are talking about going over the fiscal cliff because the government spends far more money than it brings in and what is the President doing? Why he’s in Michigan campaigning for higher taxes. Oh, and he also may weigh in on the right to work law that Governor Rick Snyder is going to sign. I wonder how much this trip is costing us.

President Barack Obama will use a Michigan speech today to continue pressuring Republicans toward acceptance of higher taxes, only one day after he quietly met the GOP’s leader, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner. …

Obama’s pressure campaign against the GOP includes Monday’s speech at a Redford, Mich., auto-plant. “At Daimler Detroit Diesel, the President will tour the plant and then deliver remarks to workers,” said a White House statement released Sunday.

Obama will jet to Michigan in the morning and return in the afternoon. He’s expected to say that he will sign a law getting American families $2,000 a year in tax-cuts, but only if Republicans pass a bill that excludes households making over $250,000 a year.

Obama’s hard-line stance is being aided by lobbying from Obama-allied corporations. GOP officials also say the president is slow walking negotiations to increase pressure on GOP leaders, and is refusing to negotiate curbs to government spending.

Obama’s pressure is having some impact. (Read More)

His pressure is having some impact alright. Many Republicans are getting ready to cave.