No Wonder Hillary Has A Headache


The official story is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fell down after suffering dehydration due to a stomach virus and bumped her head. They say she has a concussion and must rest at home, so she is not able to testify before Congress about how the State Department botched just about everything in Benghazi. Quite conveniently, there are no medical records to back up these claims.

Perhaps what gave her a fainting spell and a massive headache is a report saying that the department she oversees totally botched it all.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has accepted 29 suggestions to improve embassy security issued as part of a review board’s report that faults Clinton’s department for security failures and confirms no protest preceded the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The release of the report, posted Tuesday night on the State Department’s website, comes after more than three months of intense debate in Washington over who was behind the attack, what motivated the attacks and why U.S. authorities weren’t able to stop the violence, which took the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Although the motive for the attack remains unclear, the report confirms what quickly became evident — that the attack was the coordinated work of terrorists.

Read the whole thing. No wonder she has a (well deserved) headache.