New York Newspaper Published List Of Pistol Permit Holders


I was planning to take this evening and tomorrow off from blogging, but couldn’t let this pass without commenting. The Journal News in Westchester, NY (owned by Gannett) has made public a list of names and addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties. This is horrible. Not only does it let criminals know where they can go to steal guns, it also lets the criminals know which homes are unarmed. (But they do have to beware of those who may have long guns, because permits aren’t needed for those.)

The map looks like this, but the original online version allows users to click on the dots to find out where the guns are.

You can read the comments from readers here.

NewsBusters noted:

Instapundit’s question in response to what the Journal News has done is more than appropriate: “I guess nobody could object to people putting the newspaper staff’s addresses on the Web now, right?”

I’m sure there are a few enterprising bloggers out there who would be happy to oblige.

Other reactions can be found at memeorandum.

According to ABC News, after publishing the names of permit holders nobody from the paper was available for comment. Oh, and they would have included Putnam County but those records weren’t available yet.

In related news, NBC’s David Gregory waved around a high capacity magazine on his show even though those magazines are outlawed in Washington, DC. He should be prosecuted. And the petition to have Piers Morgan deported for his attacks on the 2nd amendment has really picked up steam.

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Update: Linked by The First Street Journal, where you can find a photo of Dwight Worley’s house. Worley is the one who thought it would be just fine to post his neighbors’ personal information.