New Brad Pitt Movie Filled With Pro-Obama Propaganda


Javier Manjarres went to see Brad Pitt’s new movie “Killing Them Softly” over the weekend and noticed something odd. Throughout the film there were scenes with television sets playing Obama speeches.

As the opening credits rolled, the background audio was that of President Barack Obama giving his 2008 election night victory speech.  …

Throughout the movie, whenever there was a TV set  in the scene- in a bar, a restaurant, wherever- images of Obama giving speeches were featured.  In addition, whenever there was a scene where the car radio was playing, excerpts of other Obama speeches were played.  In one instance, an excerpt of George W. Bush giving his explanation for the TARP bailout of 2008 was played.  In sum, these political “product placements” amounted to a not-so-subtle dosage of pro-Obama pop culture propaganda.

At one point in the movie, Pitt is negotiating the cost of a contract ‘hit’, but he laments the fact that his price has dropped because of the “state of the economy” for all reasons.  Gee, who knew that black market services weren’t recession proof?

Pitt, who is one of the movie’s producers as well as an outspoken liberal perhaps felt the need to make the point that even hitmen were also victims of the “Bush” economic downturn. (Read More)

Manjarres went on to say that while the movie was fairly entertaining, thanks to the over the top Obama propaganda he wouldn’t recommend it. Why pay all of that money to go to a movie when you can stay home and turn on the news and get your Obama propaganda for free?