New Bionics System Helps Paraplegics Walk Again


Amid all of the bad news are a few rays of hope. Here is one of them. There is this new “exoskeleton” that helps paraplegics stand up and walk again. This technology is new, but could be in homes within the next few years. (Let’s hope Obamacare doesn’t screw it up.) Watch this video with Manny Maldonado and Dr. Mark Siegel. Everything is better for Manny now that he’s able to stand and move.

Here’s another video that unfortunately left out the part of Manny smiling from ear to ear because he was finally able to stand and walk again. I saw it earlier today, and it was nice to see. And although this technology is expensive, it will probably save money in the long run, as it reduces blood clots and bed sores, and prevents atrophy of muscles that is common with paraplegics. We need more of this.