Neutral Objective Press Unloads On NRA


The “neutral objective” media didn’t even wait until the end of NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s press conference today before they completely unloaded on him. They were going nuts on Twitter, along with their progressive comrades. Twitchy has a compilation of the hysterical tweets they were sending out, and The Other McCain directed us to a video of reporters discussing LaPierre’s statement in their customary unbiased fashion.

 “They [The NRA] basically said it’s [the CT shooting] everybody’s fault but ours,” said one reporter as he lamented that the chair did not mention assault weapons. A woman added that Medea Benjamin and the other code pink protesters “did a really good job.” The female reporter praised the Code Pink protesters for having big enough signs to cover the NRA Chair’s head to obstruct it from being viewed by the cameras. The group then laughed about the security at the NRA event claiming that the chair was “probably packing” and that surely no one would be “stupid enough” to pull a gun. (Read More)

Here is one of the more civil tweets from a NYT reporter.

The ABC News affiliate in my area tried to appear neutral on the subject, but there were some subtle clues as to where they stand.

“The NRA blames the media for non-stop coverage of mass shootings and the killers behind them, but a protester interrupting those remarks echoed building support for bans against guns that fire multiple rounds. Top Democrats pounced early, arguing that more weapons in schools is careless. The question from both sides, if you’re in danger would having a gun nearby help?” Then they cued up Nancy Pelosi talking about how stupid it is to have weapons to defend ourselves. (It’s easy for a woman with a large security entourage to be flippant about the security of children.) Without any sense of irony, right after this segment ended they played the special music they created just for the Sandy Hook shooting as well as displaying their custom graphic on the screen. Do you think they got LaPierre’s point about the media coverage? I doubt it.

Oh, and please don’t mention to the gun control advocates in the media that violent crime in the UK is five times worse than it is in the US. They’re heads may explode if you do.

One more thing, getting back to the argument the liberals are using that this isn’t about hunting. The Chinese are urging President Obama to enact strict gun control. Why do you think that is?

Back when they were still giving socialism that old college try and before they made Mao spin in his devilish grave, they murdered 40 to 70 million of their own people (it’s too bad those poor souls weren’t equipped with AR-15s, huh?). I don’t know what the body count is up to now, but I do know this: I trust the American people with arms far more than I trust the Chinese government with them.

And, obviously, Beijing doesn’t trust us with them, either. Maybe they heard about how the Japanese ruled out invading the US mainland during WWII because, we’re told, they knew that Americans were heavily armed. Hey, it would be nice if you never had to worry about such a stumbling block in the future, eh, you Chinese oligarchs? (Read More)

Unfortunately, many in the US media see the Chinese government as something the US should emulate, so they don’t get it.