Michigan To Become Ground Zero For Labor Unions


If you thought things in Wisconsin were ugly when Governor Walker passed public sector union reforms, just wait. There’s a big fight brewing in Michigan.

It’s an interesting situation up there in Michigan: as the Detroit News rather sourly notes, the Republicans control the legislature and the governorship, while the extremely-Big Labor-friendly Proposal 2 went down in flames (58/42, not that the Detroit News wanted to mentionthat statistic). This opens up the possibility of right-to-work legislation being introduced in either the current or the next state legislative turn; it also opens up the virtual certainty of a Big Labor response that will make the Wisconsin recall meltdown look like… well, I was going to write ‘a petulant, foot-stamping, and ultimately impotent temper tantrum conducted by spoiled brats with no conception of how the world really works,’ except that that was what the Wisconsin recall meltdown really was. Anyway, it’ll be worse in Michigan. To the point where things may start actually be set on fire.

Let’s hope things aren’t really set on fire, but knowing the unions like we do it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

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Image via CBS News