Michelle Obama Slams GOP For Money Spent On Campaign, Accuses Them Of Voter Suppression


Now that President Obama has a second term to look forward to Michelle Obama is starting to show her true colors again. During a radio interview she slammed Republicans for too much campaign spending (as if the Democrats didn’t spend a ton of dough) and for “voter suppression.” No mention of the rampant voter fraud perpetrated by her side.

Michelle said Republicans sought to win the election by spending “unprecedented amounts of money,” running negative advertising, and committing voter suppression.

“Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country,” Mrs. Obama said.

The suggestion that Obama’s opponents are liars picks right up where the Obama campaign left off. Following Obama’s defeat in the first presidential debate, the Obama campaign branded Gov. Mitt Romney a liar and made the allegation a central part of its campaign.

Michelle’s comments suggest that, with the election over, she may be less concerned about her image, which was remade after the 2008 campaign from that of a harder edged woman who said she hadn’t been proud of her country into an embraceable first lady who cares deeply about veterans and kids’ waist lines. (Read More)

What a hypocrite.

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