Maybe Those Single Women Don’t Notice Their Taxes Because A Republican Lowered Their Tax Rates


Sara Stevenson – Useful Idiot

An AP story about how single women vote, and routinely vote for Democrats, has an interesting quote from a woman named Sara Stevenson. Stevenson is single and would never vote for a Republican, neither would most of her single female friends. They fear religion more than they fear high taxes or a shrinking economy.

“There was just no way I could have supported any Republican this year,” said Stevenson, 31. “They skew so much to the religious right. … They focused so much on taxes. It’s not something that women in my demographic really care about. I’ve never heard my friends lament their taxes.”

Um, note to Ms. Stevenson – the reason you and your friends don’t lament your taxes is because a Republican lowered your tax rate. The Democrats insisted upon making those tax rates temporary so they could demagogue this issue at a later date, which date has come. Since your tax rate was reduced Republicans and Democrats alike have increased spending to unprecedented levels, but the Democrats have done so at breathtaking speed in the past four years. One of these days all of our taxes are going to increase, and if you remain single you’re going to see your standard of living decrease accordingly. Without the second income from a husband spouse you will be especially hard hit. Even if your rate isn’t increased, your dollars will be devalued making everything cost more. That’s called inflation and is a tax in itself. If you’re lucky, you won’t find yourself unemployed, demoralized and living on the government dole. Of course if that does happen you will continue voting Democrat to keep the money flowing in, even if your purchasing power is reduced. In short, you’ve been duped by a political party that is out for your destruction. You, my dear, are what is referred to as a useful idiot. Congratulations.