Keystone Protesters Blockaded Themselves Inside Pipeline


President Obama had put off making a decision on approval of the Keystone XL pipeline because he was caught between the loony environmentalists who want to shut it down and the unions who think the pipeline would be a great way to increase membership. Now that the election is over, the environmentalists have been throwing a massive tantrum. They’ve protested at the White House and a couple of them even went as far as blockading themselves inside the pipeline.

On Monday two activists protesting the expansion of the Keystone XL pipeline blockaded themselves inside the pipeline itself in an unprecedented protest move. The Tar Sands Blockade group has staged a number of high-profile blockades in East Texas, where the southern leg of the pipeline is being constructed, but this was the very first blockade to enter the pipeline and involved extreme risk to the participants. As a Tar Sands Blockade release explained:

Using a blockading technique never implemented before, Matt Almonte and Glen Collins locked themselves between two barrels of concrete weighing over six hundred pounds each. Located twenty-five feet into a pipe segment waiting to be laid in the ground, the outer barrel is barricading the pipe’s opening and neither barrel can be moved without risking serious injury to the blockaders.

These people are insane, and if he caves in to them he won’t just be ticking off Republicans.

Still, in an otherwise highly polarized political climate, access to affordable energy has become a rare issue with bipartisan appeal.

“It’s just a no-brainer,” Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu told The Associated Press. “Canada is going to export this oil. It’s either going to come to the U.S. or it’s going to go to Russia or China. Even Democrats that aren’t really excited about oil and gas development generally can figure that out.”

Many Democrats from states whose economies depend on oil, like Landrieu, support the pipeline. So do some trade unions, whose workers stand to gain thousands of new construction jobs. And while environmentalists make up an important part of their base, Democratic lawmakers are under intense pressure to create jobs and reduce American reliance on Mideast oil.

I’d like to know how all of these environmentalists get to these protests. Do they walk? Do they ride bicycles? How do they heat their homes? Do they burn candles at night instead of turning on lights? I doubt it.

Expect more lunacy from the left now that Obama has won reelection.