Is It Generational Theft When The ‘Victims’ Voted For It


We often refer to the out of control spending in Washington, DC as “generational theft.” For kids like mine, who are too young to vote, that phrase still holds true, but what about the young voters who voted for this big expensive government? Is it “generational theft” when they voted to become the “victims”? I’m just wondering, after reading this letter to the editor that Power Line posted.

A Warm Thank You

To the Editor:

This 50-something, white, conservative Republican wishes to thank America’s youth for sacrificing their financial futures and standard of living so that boomers, such as my wife and I, can look forward to a long and comfy retirement, which we could easily have afforded on our own. Now we have the youth as our guarantors and providers of a little something extra.

As reported by the national exit poll conducted by Edison Research, Americans aged 18 to 29 voted 60% to 36% for Barack Obama. Prior to Obama’s re-election, I believed that it was morally wrong for my generation to pass a crushing national debt on to the next one.

The debt will top $20 trillion before Obama moves out of the White House, and it will include spiraling retirement-related costs that the administration has shown zero interest in bringing under control, largely driven by baby boomers piling into the Social Security and Medicare systems.

With the president’s electoral crushing of Mitt Romney, my overriding sense of morality and guilt have vanished. Thank you, kids!

Edwin D. Schindler

Woodbury, N.Y.

President Obama and his whole party have let it be known that they refuse to do anything to shore up Social Security and Medicare, so there won’t be anything left of it by the time the Millennials who voted for him retire. Maybe they can retire in their mid-80’s, if they live that long after Obamacare has destroyed health care.

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