I Wondered What To Make For Dinner Christmas Eve, But Then…


…I clicked on Adrienne’s prime rib post. For the past several years we’ve used a different recipe for prime rib and have cooked it for dinner on Christmas day. That’s when the in-laws come in from out of town. We always serve big baked potatoes on Christmas, a casserole or two and dinner rolls. The recipe we use doesn’t allow you to open the oven for hours. While it results in a delicious prime rib, it’s hard to coordinate everything else.

So this year we decided on a spiral sliced honey ham and a turkey breast, as well as all of the side dishes for Christmas dinner. I’m going grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday and maybe I’ll pick up a smaller prime rib to have on Christmas Eve. We go to mass in the afternoon, so it would work out perfectly. Our old recipe that doesn’t allow the oven to be opened would be perfect for Christmas Eve because it involves turning the oven off. So there won’t even be a fire hazard while we’re out.

Anyway, check out Adrienne’s post for instructions on cooking the perfect prime rib. The video she posted is, I think, the recipe we’ve used, or at least similar to it. (We skip the rosemary.) Whatever recipe you might choose, you can’t go wrong as long as you don’t over cook it. Never do that.

Thanks, Adrienne, for the reminder that I can make my family a really nice Christmas Eve dinner even while we’re at church! When it’s just the four of us we don’t need all of the sides. I can just cook up some asparagus and make a nice salad and we’ll be all set. Merry Christmas!