I Picked The Wrong Day To Sleep In


The kids are off school for the holidays so I took the week off, too. There was no need to wake up early so I didn’t set the alarm. The kids and I all slept late. I woke up to the sound of a plow. I ran to the window and saw a friend was trying to plow our driveway. Unfortunately, I didn’t get downstairs fast enough to run out and move my car out of his way.

Our driveway is wide, we can park about four vehicles side by side, which is nice because nobody gets blocked in the driveway. But it’s a real pain when it snows. We got rid of an old snow blower shortly after we moved here because it didn’t throw the snow far enough to reach the edge of the driveway from the middle. Which means we shovel unless someone comes along and plows for us. It’s no big deal when we only get an inch or two. But this is Central New York.

This is the side of the driveway I didn’t shovel, that was partially plowed. You can also see the road at the top of the picture.

This is the side I shoveled. It took an hour just to make a spot big enough to pull the car back in. The snow was up to my knees. I’m thinking it was about 14″.

Oh well, it was a good workout, which I needed after all of the goodies I ate on Christmas. And now we can get out to run some errands.

Mr. LC and I were talking about investing in a snow blower that’s strong enough to handle our driveway. I’m thinking that’s a good idea.

(Oh, and for anyone wondering why he didn’t shovel the driveway – he’s at work.)

Update: Here’s a shot of our front yard and the street. There is a stone walkway under there somewhere. I’ll let the kids shovel that.