Hugo Chavez Headed Back To Cubo For Cancer Treatment


Hugo Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela, is headed back to Cuba for cancer treatment. He’s even named a successor, just in case.

enezuelan President Hugo Chavez is heading back to Cuba on Sunday for more surgery for cancer, announcing on television that the illness has returned after two previous operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Chavez acknowledged the seriousness of his situation in an address Saturday night, saying for the first time that if he suffers complications Vice President Nicolas Maduro should take his place as Venezuela’s leader and continue his socialist movement.

“There are risks. Who can deny it?” Chavez said, seated at the presidential palace beside Maduro and other aides.

“In any circumstance, we should guarantee the advance of the Bolivarian Revolution,” Chavez said.

Outside medical experts said that based on Chavez’s account of his condition, he is facing a very difficult fight against an aggressive type of cancer. (Read More)