Gee, Who Knew, Bush’s Tax Cuts Helped The Middle Class


Ever since President Bush passed his tax cuts the Democrats and the media have done nothing but harp about how those tax cuts benefit only the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. But now that they are about to expire President Obama and his pals are suddenly talking about how the middle class will be hurt if their Bush tax rates go up. As William McGurn asked, where have they been for the past ten years?

In any honest universe, this would be news. President Obama says the middle class benefits mightily from the Bush tax cuts and cannot afford to see them expire. Which provokes a question: Where has our press corps been these past 10 years?

For most of that time, Democrats have been hollering that the only people to benefit from the Bush tax cuts were Bill Gates, Wall Street bankers, and the guy with the top hat and monocle who appears on our Monopoly sets. Now the same press that accepted, approved and amplified the “Bush tax cuts for the wealthy” trope leaves unchallenged a president who today tells us, oh, by the way, those Bush tax cuts are vital for America’s middle class—and claims that the opposition to middle-class tax cuts proposed and put into law mainly by Republicans comes from . . . Republicans.

Perhaps the American people will accept this new Obama story line. If so, it will be because after years of assailing the GOP as the party of the plutocracy, this is the first time the American people have heard Mr. Obama or any Democrat in the party leadership concede that the Bush tax cuts benefited anyone save the über-wealthy. For the original complaint that Mr. Bush’s tax cuts favored the rich over the middle class has morphed into the orthodoxy we know today: Tax cuts for the rich came at the expense of the middle class.

Certainly this has been Nancy Pelosi’s accusation. At various times the California Democrat has spoken of “Bush tax cuts for the super-rich,” of Republicans “taking food out of the mouths of children to give tax cuts to America’s wealthiest,” of how Republicans were using “tax dollars paid by middle-class Americans” to pay for tax breaks for “millionaires.”

Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, Ms. Pelosi’s counterpart in the Senate leadership, voiced a similar complaint. Republicans, he said, “drew up their program to benefit the very, very, very few and eliminate the majority from any”—yes, any—”benefit of these tax cuts.” In November 2008, he described the Bush economy as “built on a foundation for eight years that basically just value[s] tax cuts for the very wealthiest.”

Candidate Obama banged that same drum in his bid for the White House. ….

Read the whole thing. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people out there who believe and repeat the lies the Democrats tell us, starting with the media, who I’m sure won’t bother challenging them now. Then they’d have to admit they helped perpetuate the lie for a decade.