Family Humor to Lighten the Day


This morning while my daughter was getting ready for school I overheard her talking with my wife. She’s the only girl out of 4 boys and is the bubbly socialite of the family. She also has one hell of a sense of humor – I take full responsibility for that part of the gene transfer. Consider this a Lonely Conservative version of the old Reader’s Digest “All in a Day’s Work” section.

Here is the conversation:

Daughter:  When I grow up, I’m going to have two boys and name them Luke and Sparta.

Mother:  Why would you name them Luke and Sparta?

Daughter:  Well, when I have my first son, my husband can say to him “Luke, I am your father” and then when I have my second son, I can say to everyone when he’s born “THIS – IS – SPARTA!”

Now have a wonderful fiscal cliff dive day.