Excellent Idea: Put A ‘D’ Next To Your Name And Do Whatever The Heck You Want – Updated


Rebel Pundit has come up with an excellent idea. He put a “D” next to his name on Twitter and now he can do and say whatever he wants. He can even kick puppies, because “D” stands for “Do whatever you want and get away with it.” Brilliant.


He’s already had an overwhelming response on twitter, and plenty on our side have followed his cue. Hey, why not? It works for guys like Patrick Moran and union goons who beat people up.

Update: Da TechGuy isn’t putting a “D” after his name, but he did weigh in:

There is however apparently a new indulgence now being offered today, an indulgence that is more impressive and more powerful in our modern society than any Plenary indulgence that prayer and fasting can bring. It’s an indulgence that can turn violence into legit protest, racism into innocent remarks and even overrides the famous words: “If it bleeds it leads”.

It’s the letter “D” and the liberal belief it represents

When one gives lip service to liberalism one is granted the ultimate indulgence

With that letter D next to your name, remarks that would disqualify you from office that would tar you as a racist become innocent.

With the letter D next to your name, you can skip the NAACP convention without judgement.

Read the whole thing.

With the letter D next to your name sexual harassment suits become unnewsworthy and scandals that slay secret service agents and hundreds of innocents can be ignored.

With the letter D next to your name gas prices, unemployment and particularly black unemployment won’t will have no political consequences nor will the media find it worthy of note.