Dem Rep Jim Moran’s Son Arrested For Breaking His Girlfriend’s Skull


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This isn’t the first time Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) has been in the news for bad behavior. He was caught on tape plotting election fraud this past fall. Now he’s in the news again for pleading guilty to smashing his girlfriend’s head into a metal trash can and breaking her skull.

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Moran and his girlfriend were fighting outside 14th Street bar The Getaway around 1:23 a.m. on Dec. 1, according to a police report, over Moran talking to another woman at the bar. Suddenly, Moran allegedly slammed his girlfriend’s head into the bar’s metal trash can cage.

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After the attack, police described Moran’s girlfriend as “bleeding heavily from her nose and also observed that her nose and right eye were extremely swollen.” One of the ambulance technicians who transported her to Howard University Hospital told police that Moran appeared to have broken her nose and given her a skull fracture under her right eye.

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Moran was arrested for felony domestic violence assault, but pleaded the charge down to simple assault today. He was sentenced to probation. (Read More)

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How nice for him to walk away with a slap on the wrist, while his daddy makes excuses for his reprehensible behavior.

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“The situation was an accident,” Moran spokeswoman¬†Anne Hughes¬†writes in an email, adding that both Moran and his girlfriend testified to that in court. “Patrick didn’t hit or shove her.”

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Hughes claims that only Patrick Moran and his girlfriend were around to see the alleged attack. “They were the only two people who witnessed the scene,” writes Hughes. “In that sense, their statements are the only ones that matter.”

That would contradict¬†the police report, which describes both a Metropolitan Police Department sergeant and an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration investigator seeing Moran slam his girlfriend’s head into a trash can cage outside the Getaway, a 14th Street NW bar. (Read More)

It’s no surprise Rep. Moran is defending his son’s behavior considering his own past conduct. Michelle Malkin has a list, be sure to check it out.