Carbon Tax May Be Part Of Fiscal Cliff Deal


President Obama’s push to kill the coal industry continues. Reportedly, he wants a new carbon tax included in a fiscal cliff deal. Freedom Works has the details.

The notion of such a tax has once again resurfaced while Congress debates an extension of tax cuts, and oversees part of the recovery for areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

And despite the President’s promises to take an ‘all of the above’ approach to energy policy, recent events may prove to embolden him to further implement one of the few campaign promises he has kept since 2008 – to bankrupt the coal industry.

With four years of bureaucracy and crippling regulations already taking their toll, a carbon tax might prove to be the final nail in the coal industry’s coffin.

Sure enough, Bloomberg News reported on the carbon tax being part of some quiet “backroom debate(s)” mere weeks after the election.  The tax it was said “could raise an estimated $100 billion in its first year.”

There has also been support from some seemingly unlikely sources.  Last month, petroleum giants Exxon, Shell, and BP all voiced support for such a measure.

These Dems won’t rest until they’ve killed the entire economy.

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