Boehner To Obama: Pass Our Plan B Or Own It


House Speaker John Boehner has angered conservatives during the fiscal cliff negotiations, but at least he has shown a willingness to compromise with the Democrats. What did he get for it? President Obama refuses to budge. Harry Reid refuses to budge. Now it looks like Boehner has had enough. He came out this afternoon and delivered a very terse statement, basically telling Obama to “own it” if he doesn’t agree to their Plan B.

“The president’s offer of $1.3 trillion in revenues and $850 billion in spending reductions fails to meet the test that the president promised the American people – a balanced approach,” Boehner said during an extraordinarily brief press conference. “I hope the president will get serious soon about providing and working with us on a balanced approach.”

“Tomorrow, the House will pass legislation to make permanent tax relief for nearly every American — 99.81 percent of the American people,” he added.

“Then, the president will have a decision to make. He can call on the Senate Democrats to pass that bill, or he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in American history.”

I wish he was like this all the time. Watch:

Earlier today Americans For Tax Reform released the following statement regarding Plan B.

ATR has consistently maintained that individual Members of Congress make a pledge to their constituents to oppose and vote against tax increases. The House this week will vote on a tax bill. This legislation—popularly known as “Plan B”–permanently prevents a tax increase on families making less than $1 million per year. Republicans supporting this bill are this week affirming to their constituents in writing that this bill—the sole purpose of which is to prevent tax increases—is consistent with the pledge they made to them. In ATR’s analysis, it is extremely difficult—if not impossible—to fault these Republicans’ assertion.

In particular, in this Congress the House has already voted twice to prevent any tax increases on any American. When viewed with this in mind, and considering this tax bill contains no tax increases of any kind—in fact, it permanently prevents them—matters become more clear. Having finally seen actual legislation in writing, ATR is now able to make its determination about a legislative proposal related to the fiscal cliff. ATR will not consider a vote for this measure a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

It’s not exactly an endorsement, but they will not target members who vote for this package.

The House ought to pass the bill tomorrow and then go home for Christmas.